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About Mistress Croix

After spending many years learning and expanding My skills and knowledge of BDSM arts, I continue to evolve into the professional Dominant you see now. The dedication to My craft, along with the passion required to build captivating and memorable scenes allows Me to elevate your experiences to a higher level of profoundly satisfying exploration.

I take pleasure in delivering spellbinding, intoxicating encounters sought out by those who may not be able to live out their dark desires in their personal lives. Keeping your secrets while practicing safe sane and consensual kink is a responsibility that I take seriously. For those of you on a journey to find someone who is as understanding, safe, and trustworthy as She is equally creative, sadistic, and provocative - you have found Me.


I thrive off of the intensity and connection between us, while prioritizing well-being of all who pass through My doors..

Mistress Croix

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© 2023 by Mistress Croix.

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